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Driving modes seem to half reset when engine restarted

United Kingdom
What I Drive
Audi S3 2017 model

I've recently bought a 2017 Audi S3 and something seems either at best confusing or at worst, wrong with how the driver modes work.

If I start the vehicle in economy mode and manually select dynamic mode the display shows mode = Dynamic and the gears show as S1, S2 etc (whcih I assume is sports). The car feels aggressive.
If I then turn the vehicle off and back on the mode still shows Dynamic but now the gears show as D1, D2 etc. The car doesn't feel AS aggressive.

Same "issue" happens with any mode Ie if I then change it to Economy the mode will change to =Economy and the gears will show as E1, E2. This is until I restart the car. The mode will then show economy but the gears now show as D1 etc again.

In summary the mode seems to stay until changed but each time I restart the gears go back to D1-D7.

Why is this ? Is this normal ? Is the car REALLY staying in same mode as doesn't feel like it.


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