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Eggs in front right tire.

New Orleans
United States
What I Drive
RS 3
Bought my 2019 RS 3 in mid Nov and I’ve already replaced the front right tire twice due to eggs forming at the edge for the tread. I live in New Orleans, so potholes are everywhere and I’ve hit some, but would have thought not hard enough to damage the tire. So I’ve got the 255/30’s up front and never had that low of a profile before (previously owned an E46 M3 and only busted a tire once and it was an big hit). Dealing with my local Audi dealer honoring the Pirelli 1 year tire warranty is such a headache with all whining about them not getting paid. They said the 2nd time was the last time and now I’ve got another egg. Other concern is that it’s always the right front tire. Could that possibly be a wheel issue? Sorry for the rambling post, but anyone else having similar issues with “blowing” tires?