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15 Audi S3 - Fan


New member
Hi all,

Wonder if anyone had the following. I was sitting in my S3 earlier today after a fairly innocuous travel of 45/50 mins. I had the door open and engine running as I sat on my phone (parked obviously) and noticed the fan kept spooling up, then stopping, then spooling up for longer, then cutting out, then spooling up, then cutting out and so forth.

Anyone had this or is this normal? I get if it is hot it would spool and run for a while, just the cutting out and re-spooling part worried me.

Any info greatly appreciated.

Dave C


Staff member
Haven't noticed on mine. Could be the thermostat on the fan acting up. Not sure about the S but I've had cars that have a second fan tied to the AC so if you're low on refrigerant that will spin up and then kick off, spin up and kick off if your refrigerant is low and tripping the low pressure switch. It's been really hot here the next time I drive the S I'll try to listen for the fan.

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