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Audi s3 8v tuning


i just bought my first audi and i am very new to tuning. Here in south africa many people tell me not to do a ecu tune because
i will lose my warranty!

Is there any tuning solution to keep my audi warranty?


New member
Would love to get this thread up to date. I'm a soon to be s3 owner, ordered, and currently drive a 2017 golf r. I have noticed that GUI and golf r forums are loaded with mod threads. Seems less s3 owners are tuning their cars. Would love to hear from those that have. I have stage 2'd an m235i and plan on doing the same with the s3. I will do spacers, springs and resonator delete on day one. Would love to get people's impressions on low vs high torque for a dog car. Actually I would like to hear about all mods done to your s3. Hope to hear some new voices soon.

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