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Audi S3 Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected Help!!


New member
United Kingdom
Good evening all hope you keep well I need some serious help with this issue I'm dealing with,last week started up to go work drive off realised engine management light came on scanned with my own reader the following codes came up engine abit shakey exhaust popping not smooth on idle what so ever

after looking aroud on some forums get some info Ive done the following,Ordered 4 new ngk spark plugs & 4 new red r8 coil packs from awesome GTi ,all plugged in same codes were showing,did the swap around with spark plugs & coils to make sure it was none of these still codes were present next day.....

went to garage to see if they could spot the problem they change sparks & plugs done a compression test first was told my coil may be faulty tried the original ones no luck I left the garage saying mayb an electrical problem.

took it home seen that the under pipe connected to the pcv valve had a small crack in it went to pull the hose it crumbled in my hand,I order pcv valve kit,pipes gasket & valve fitted same code still present tommrow I will check the hpfp & the cam follower, took away my induction kit and spotted what looks like some oil leaking not sure what to look for next but some advice would be appreciated


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