Audi S3 issues?

So, I bought an s3 in the last couple weeks. Drove 600 miles for it, by time I got home the engine was ticky and felt it was down on power. Stopped driving straight away, and the cam follower wasn't present which had knackered my cam and pump. So I put it in garage to get cam done, and got an uprated loba pump installed, the map sensor also had faulty wiring. So I've had it back and it's so laggy, and it still feels down on power. No codes are coming up, but my mechanic says that it's because with the mods I have, and now putting the fuel pump on without a remap it has made it even slower. Is that right? Something feels wrong.

Ok so update, I put the car back in, and he said that he had to change the exhaust cam (without my knowledge) because the vvt was knackered and this is why he couldn't get it to start after he installed the inlet cam and fuel pump. He then said he adjust the vvt as the timing on it was off, now I've searched and searched and can't find anything about the timing on the vvt or them having rings on the end what goes into the exhaust cam (which apparently were worn) I'm just not buying this at all, And said I can't have my old cam back as it's in another car. Anyone who knows about these engines, And can help me understand this a bit better?
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2007, I should also add that I got him to replace my timing chain and tensioner.
Losing power is a good sign the fuel pump is going bad. The other thing you might want to check are the turbo hoses too. Any leaks could also affect power.
New uprated fuel pump and no boost leaks. Wasn't like this before it went in for repairs.

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I had my evo 9 doing the same. After two days of looking why the car was losing power and the turbo wasn't spooling correctly. It turn out to be a hole in a turbo hose. There was an air leak.