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front lower control arms, custom


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hey guys if you want some more performance out of the suspension then i found something you all would want to check out.

these are customizable front lower control arms.
about $525.00 usd

they will are great for those who want more feel and control. its not for those who are looking for comfort.
it includes:

Left and Right arms.
4 Chromoly Telflon Lined Heim Joints.
8 Misalignment Spacers.
4 Jam Nuts.

they can also be painted to four different colors but they may have more options if you ask.


Front lower control arms designed with tubular construction to replace the stamped metal stock version. These were designed purely with performance in mind. With the use of DOM tubing, chromoly FK heim joints, and tig welding throughout, they have been built not only to be rock solid, but last for a very long time.

For anyone serious about performance these are a great upgrade over stock. Up until now the only option for upgrading control arms has been just adding poly bushings or a lighter cast arm but still employs poly bushings. With a tubular arm and heim joints there is zero slop or play. The stock arms weigh in at 6lbs-9.4oz each and our arms weigh 5lbs-1.5oz. Which is 23% less. Not as much savings percentage wise compared to mk5/6 arms but the increased structural rigidity is immense considering that the MK7 stock arm is constructed of a single piece of stamped steel.

Camber is adjustable by sliding the ball joint in or out. Ball joints can be moved .75" outward creating more camber then any other arm can accommodate on the market. A full degree of caster has also been added to improve steering characteristics.


i was looking into these and found out that they are cool with changing up the specs. one of the things i was happy to see is that they lower heim joint can be custom to have them more inward or outward. meaning if your running different offset or wider wheels that dont make it the fender or you dont want the fender to limit you while you tuck this will help you out.

i asked them this and they came back with their answer. ill post it here.

you guys make this unit for the audi s3 and A3. i have a question about the camber adjuster.

"Camber is adjustable by sliding the ball joint in or out. Ball joints can be moved .75" outward creating more camber then any other arm can accommodate on the market."

i was curious if its possible to have one made to where i can pull inward about 1.00"inch? when lowering the car gets way too much camber so i would be more interested to reduce the camber so pulling inward is more essential for me. basically so i can still tuck a 9.5 wide inch wheel or even a 10.0 inch wheel.

i dont know if these are premade or made to order. please let me know if you can make these to my specs.

his answer is:

Most of our arms are made to order. We can absolutely accommodate that request, it isn't the first time someone wanted positive camber instead of negative.

We can make them so that max outward camber would be about stock spec and any adjustment would be towards the inside or positive camber.

You can place an order at anytime and around the same time send us another quick email so we know to tag the order with the request. It's no extra charge for special request.




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