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Guess we are apart of the Audi family again!!!


New member
As you all know my wife had a 2017 S3 that was a complete bust and was in the dealership longer than we owned it...So Audi had officially decided to give us our ENTIRE refund but we actually never bought another Audi with (we actually bought a 2017 Mazda 6 Grand Touring until it was stolen). And now we are soon to be owners of a 2018 RS3 and hopefully it won't be as bad as our S3 was!!

2018 RS3
Nardo Gray
Fine Nappa leather seats with contrast diamond stitching Black with contrast diamond stitching in Crescendo Red
Carbon Fiber Inlays
19" 5-arm-blade design Bi-color Black wheels
Dynamic plus package
Black optic package
RS design package
Technology package
Driver assistance package
Dynamic package
Rear Passenger Side Airbags

Can't wait until delivery!!! [rockon]


New member
Nice!! I so wanted the RS3 but just out of our price range! Sorry to hear about issues with the S3, but glad Audi resolved it properly.
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