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hot summer time and cars in the older age might benefit from some upgrades and maintenance. list what you plan on doing or just recently done


Staff Team
United States
What I Drive
2015 s3
things you can do and things you should do for maintenance with a side of fun.
also if you live in a hot climate or just drive it hard i would think some of these are good to do.

- dsg csf cooler. im looking into this item
- csf also can be used on the other side of the dsg. i read its for the coolant.
- intercooler upgrade
- radiator upgrade
- oil cooler
- change and flush coolant. if its a daily and you run it hard, in the heat most of the time, and it has a lot of miles annually i would do the flush each year.
- do your oil change.
- air filter change. this can also be hard on the engine if its dirty.
- spark plug change. im looking into the ngk ruthenium myself.
- do an injector clean. i dont think they are super expensive to buy so replacements might also be an option to be on the safe side. preventative is alway the theme with audi.
- for fun you an also upgrade the ignition coil packs from ARP. might be worth while do this.