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How to Track Your Audi S3 from Germany

United States
What I Drive
2015 Audi S3
  1. Get the ETA "loaded on ship date" from your dealership. I haven't found resources to track between factory and Emden but it really doesn't matter.
  2. Go to http://www.pwl.de, click on the English flag for English language. Click on "schedules" on the left and scroll to the bottom to Volkswagen Logistics. Click on the PDF file associated with Volkswagen Logistics. This brings-up a file that has the current schedule. Note the ship that corresponds with your loaded on ship date. Download the document because it changes regularly.
  3. If, for the current example right now, the ETA is for your car to be loaded at Emden and arrive at Davisville port on August 10 and 22 respectively, you're car will travel on the Cougar Ace. My car came in on this ship. Follow this like and search Google for more amazing stories about what this ship went through in 2006.
  4. Once you know which ship you're on, go to either MarineTraffic or Vesseltracker.
  5. Find out from your dealership when the car was loaded on the ship.
  6. Start tracking the ship. You can track it until it's off the Irish coast or through the North Sea depending on its destination track.

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