just got the cts turbo mbq front subframe bushing kit


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so my recent purchase is the subframe bushing kit.

the name bushing is kinda deceiving since its not made of plastic. its all metal. ill probably put it on when i get my new tires and then an alignment as these subframe parts will require an alignment right away.

there is also another part ill be getting for the rear so tighten up the rear with some spherical bushing. ill do another thread for that part once i get it in my hands.

with this kit i get billet aluminum bushing inserts and two large and stiff brackets for the subframe.
im hoping it will do something rather than nothing. so far with all the other parts i have done has had a positive effect with the feel of the car. since i have done piece meal installs i have been able to tell if a particular item did something or not.

the description for these:
The CTS MQB Front Subframe Bushing Kit is a great upgrade for all owners looking to improve the handling and performance of their cars.

This kit replaces the factory hardware and is designed to center and secure the subframe in place. Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, the CTS subframe bracket surpasses the OEM bracket in rigidity and isolates the suspension geometry of the front end. The bushing inserts fill the voids of the mounting holes and keeps the subframe centered. This prevents the subframe from shifting and delivers better steering response and driver feedback.

with some of my past install of inserts i may already have some areas already done therefore, these may just be extras when i get a look under the car.

the bracket was what i was looking to get but they came with the inserts.

ill post up pics when i get a chance to take some photos.