"Lurker" (Thanks for hosting the community)

So, I don't have an RS3 (or even a "good car" right now), but am very interested in the RS3 (or the M2) and am working towards a decision. The good news, is that I have time; I am currently stationed in Japan (military) with my family, and since we don't really spend any money here, its easy to save up funds for two new cars (one for me, one for the wife) when we get home. I will post a question about RS3 vs M2 in the appropriate thread, but I guess since we've been out of the US and away from being able to buy nice cars for so long (I would be nuts to buy a nice car here, only to sell it later...almost everyone drives beaters) I spend a large amount of my free time reading about cars, making spreadsheets trying to compare them, and have moved through various phases over the past few years from hot hatches (Golf R won that round), to American Muscle (Camaro 2SS came out on top), to now realizing I can afford, and prefer a refined European Sports Coupe/Sedan.

In any case, thank you very much for hosting an active community. While I don't have much to contribute, I will be "lurking" in the background and getting good ideas.