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New 2017 Audi S3: A $42,900 sports sedan revs up competition

Audi S3 News

United States

The 2017 Audi S3 is smaller and sportier and costs a pretty penny, $42,900. The sports sedan sits in the rare position of having no direct competitors, which in turn allows it to compete against all newcomers who dare to challenge its frame.

Audi says it's for the "sophisticated" driver who wants to "live life in the fast lane-or leave the crowd behind".

Cosmetic changes have been made to this year's S3 over previous generations. There are some new creases and cornering around the angular LED headlights and the signature large Audi grille; the intakes have been lowered as well.

Red S3 badging, 19-inch wheels (part of a $1,500 drivers package), and red caliper brakes ($400) help denote that the S3 is special than other sedans.

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