New Pics of 16' S3 Black Optic Package


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Hey guys, been busy with work but managed to do a couple things with the S3..

New RS3 grill with my stock S3 emblem - had it done at Emmanuelle Design - they did a great job! Even put a pic of my car on their website under recent work. Thomas is the connection there, really cool guy.. They do the GIAC tune that he says is the real deal.. thinking about a stage 2 next year.. we'll see tho

Black Plasti-dip with a glossifier clear coat on my back lip, audi rings, s3 emblem and side view mirrors.

Anthracite grey plasti-dip with glossifier clear coat on my rims

Oh and new wax by chemical guys.. so far I think their legit! Used one coat of blacklight followed up by one coat of butter wet wax and wow it's glass!

Next I'm hoping to lower the car.. but don't want to lose the quality of my ride.. At Emmanuelle Design they make their own springs for the magnetic ride in the S3, around $550 installed. Any suggestions?? Thanks guys s3 1 resize.jpg s3 2 resize.jpg s3 3.jpg
Can you post a link where you got the grill from and was it hard to remove?


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Thanks.. I saw the new sepang blue RS7 with that grill, black side view mirrors and black optics.. and was like wow gotta do that.. Have no idea why Audi doesn't just put this grill on the S3 to begin with!
Looms like my car but you got the red brake calipers. That's the one thing I also wanted with my Prestiege package but settled for without them. :/
I actually ordered that grille yesterday, so I might be putting it on sometime in the near future. Being that my state does require front license plates, I would have no idea where to put it. I have been wanting to put that grille on the car for a while, and I also have more upcoming projects.