Let me know how it goes, I've been thinking of getting it too.
Let me know how it goes, I've been thinking of getting it too.
Will do buddy! I wish it worked with my iPhone... now I gotta dig out one of my old Andriod devices somewhere. Should arrive in 3 days!
Finally arrived! I spent a great deal of time gettting into it yesterday.
I've done the following so far:

Chirp on unlock
Disabled the Soundaktor
Activated the hidden menu (which is useless on this model, but still cool to see)
added temp display to all DIS
Enabled/fixed passenger mirror dip
changed the XDS to medium

Lots of cool stuff to play with. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to enable gear display in D/S like I was able to do in my last Audi's. Will update photos when I get ho,e later.


I'm liking the window up feature.
I'm liking the window up feature.
Was a pain the ass getting the sunroof to work. But after an hour of trial and error (and LOTS of German-to-English google translating) but now it works regardless of any variables: sunroof vented or partially opened- really hard to get working properly. I also added the rain sensor to it so now it auto comfort closes all windows and sunroof instantly when the car senses rain while off and parked (provides the light switch and wiper stalk are left on AUTO).
Great work. Was this easy to figure out or lots of trial and error?
About an hour, mostly due to German-English translation problems (google isn't as classy as it seems)
Hello everyone love my OBD Eleven. I've had success with a few tweaks. I'm curious if anyone has tried or if they know if it's possible to turn on auto headlights and other features that use the front sensor or camera that the pre sense uses. I'd like to get the most out of my car for sure. I've done the mirror and a few other tweaks along with adding the g Force meter to my digital cockpit.
Very nice device. (y)Turned on the video and mirror phone in motion for the wife/kid to watch as well as turning of the damn headlight washers. I know I can just turn the lights off to use the washer but then someone might think I'm letting them in front of me or signaling something if I keep turning my lights off and on. Besides blowing through half a jug of wash when you mistakenly trigger them it blows blue crap all over my nice clean hood. I'm sure I'll get a lot more use out of the device. And the credit system isn't too bad I just watch adds here and there when I'm bored for additional free credits.

That auto close windows and sunroof with the rain sensor is pretty slick I may have to look in to it. Though I never leave my car open when I'm not around.


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I have never been able to code in with vcds the auto window up rain sensor. could you post up how you did it?