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rear camber kit


Staff member
i was looking for some beefy and high quality rear camber with spherical bearings. this is what came up.
the brand is called voodoo13. these are made in the usa.

here is the link. they are under the vw golf R section.

ill be installing these next week.
in my attempt to reduce flex in the suspension i found these.
ill have a full review on them once i get some miles on it.
they look beefy and appear to be of really good quality. when looking around i didnt care about price more about how well they were made and these are on the top of the list. you get what you pay for. at a list price of $369.00 for the set you are getting the looks and performance. i did see that ecstuning.com has some other brands but they looked really cheaply made. this brand is not on their web page.

these are " CNC milled from USA sourced 6061-T6 aluminum. " they wont rust and are very light weight for the size. without paint, these wont chip over time. amazing stuff.


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