RS3 grill with Apadtive Cruise Control

I have a 2016 Audi S3 with Adaptive Cruise Control(ACC) and prior to this purchase, I bought an aftermarket RS3 grill. Now my dilemma is how to fit my RS3 grill with the ACC radar in the front? Are there any vendors or lead me in the right direction to customize this grill so it doesn't look hacked... Below is a pic of my grill...


The lower part which is in silver can unscrew and is separate...

Here is a picture of a European RS3 with ACC.


Worst case is I am going to notch the lower part of the silver trim and cut a hole in the lower part of mesh for the radar... Any ideas?
I ordered one, and I have no idea. Mine has the adaptive cruise and Audi pre sense notch at the bottom (I have the '16 Prestige, Audi made the Advanced a Tech Oackage standard on all Prestige models for 2016). I am thinking cut out the bottom area, cover the quattro with black paint and get a quattro badge and put it on the opposite side of the S3 badge on the grille.