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S3 8V - Parking sensor B107914 fault

United Kingdom
Hi all, I have done a bit of research on this already but wanted to know if there’s any more recent fixes or knowledge on the mater.

Fault is intermittent. Will work at times but more so not working than working. MMI brings up a long beep tone alongside the parking sensor icon with a line through it. The rear right sensor is not showing on the parking sensor imagery on the MMI, as if it’s completely turned off at times.

I am hoping to avoid a new sensor, as this will involve painting too...

Previous articles state likely to be a wiring break, rather than sensor..

I’m not even sure how easy it is to remove the sensor ..

Used the OBDeleven and rear right parking sensor came back at fault with code B107914.

What’s the latest findings/knowledge on this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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