S3 noises and acceleration

Hello, I'm new here as not yet own an S3 but test drove one today. It was a 2012 black edition.
I currently own a 2011 TTS which gives a very different drive and sound to the S3 I drove today that's why I'm asking a couple of questions.

1) do you get a quite load induction noise upon acceleration as I do not get this in my TTS.

2) Is the exhaust quite loud growl when accelerating hard ? With TTS it's more of a deep throat noise.

Thanks for any help


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1. I really don't notice loud intake noise but it's winter so I'm not really driving with the windows open. I would think mine would be louder since I'm running the Neuspeed intake but still I don't hear it with the windows up. https://www.moddedeuros.com/products/neuspeed-p-flo-intake-kit-blue-15-a3-s3-15-gti-golf

2. I don't think it's that loud but it is noticeably louder in sport mode. My wife thinks it's loud in sport mode.

Kind of hard to explain noise in text. I like a louder car but this isn't Mustang/Camaro loud. It is louder in sport mode than the 2002 TT 225 I had years ago.
You should take that 2012 back out drop it in sport mode and floor it :)
I'm not sure how the 2011 sounds but for the 2015 and up there's very little induction noise. Exhaust does growl a bit when accelerating hard, but with the fake sound pumped in it's hard to tell how loud.


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I have exhaust set to dynamic and do get induction sound under full throttle. The exhaust is also louder but some of it is piped in electronic noise. In any event I love the sounds and is one of the things I enjoy. Under normal driving I hear none of it!
Thanks for the replies. Car went to audi main dealer and there was 13 error codes and a turbo issue.