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should you launch control it or not.


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since these cars are pretty new (8v) we havent seen much longevity to doing a bunch of launch control. but i recently found a good video about one guy who tends to launch his car alot. i hope this can help you decide if you should do it or not and how useful it is.

but before i show that, here is what the three from the Grand Tour feels about LC.

so longevity is what is the main unknown variable on the main question. until now. others are slowly popping up with their own experience with this sort of issue.

this is the first video about the after repeated use of LC on our haldex cars that i have found.
begin watching it till around 5:40 minutes if you dont have time to watch the whole video.
while this guy launches a lot he does admit at the end that it cost to play.

post up your opinion about LC and do you use it alot. how frequent do you use it?
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I wonder if he launches it back to back too often. I can't remember if it was in the manual but I read somewhere where they tell you not to launch to often back to back

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