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Smell Coolant


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United States
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2017 Audi S3
I smelled coolant yesterday stronger than normal and verified the reservoir was below the min mark. Using a flashlight I found a small puddle of coolant directly below the window washer fluid reservoir on the protective shield ( which is why I never saw any on the driveway.) I suspect the thermostat housing / waterpump and will let everyone know for sure when it's fixed. I currently have 19500 mile on the car and everything is still under warranty.

PS: I didn't have access to some G13 coolant so I used Peak Original Equipment Technology for European vehicles Audi 2006 and later 50/50. It is violet but does not say G13 anywhere.

Update: Preasure test revealed a cracked thermostat housing. The factory water pump was metal but the thermostat housing is plastic. I was unable to find an aftermarket version made from cast aluminum, so I expect to revisit this issue not long after my warranty expires. Argh!!!
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