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they updated my transmission module last time i was in for service


Staff member
so the last time i was there for the transmission fluid change i found out the car performed differently.

at the time i didnt know they had did an update software but i mentioned it drove a little differently to my service guy. he said "you noticed, thanks for letting me know".
he didnt know what the update really meant but i now know. it seems audi has attempted to do a fix on the race to 6th gear while driving. it didnt totally cure it but it is a pretty good fix towards the right direction. instead of lugging near 1.1k rpm all the time if it could, it now tries to stay above 1.6k rpm. it all depends on how much the accelerator is depressed.

in D mode it does help but is not a total cure.
in S mode it tries to stay around 3k rpm and doesnt hang up in the high rpm's that long like it used to.

with all this it still is a free improvement over the original mapping.
has anyone gotten this update and what do you think?
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