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Traction issue


New member
United Kingdom
What I Drive
Audi s3 2016 300 nav
Hi guys just want some help. So my Audi s3 had michelin pilot sport tyres and stuck to road like it should with no wheel spinning in dry or wet and could launch the car with no wheel spin. Now I've changed to the michelin pilot sport 4s all 4 tyres changed. And all of a sudden I'm getting my traction light kicking in all the time losing power. If I turn my traction off if goes like it should but still wheels spins more at the front wheels. So it now feels that more power is going to the front and not going to the rear wheels. Audi did alot of work on the car last year due to the same problem occurring so they changed alot of parts on the 4wheel drive system which didint fix the problem so in the end they put a new gearbox in the car and it sorted the problem. So feel like I can eliminate haldex pump rear diff problems just because it's all new and the problem has only started happening since fitting these new Michelin ps4s. Anyone else had similar issues after changing tyres

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