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Virtual cockpit FUEL RANGE


New member
Hi, new to this forum and have recently bought a 16/66 310bhp Sportback.

Love the car but have a niggle that hope someone can help with.

The display which tells you how many miles left in the fuel tank really grates. It has the virtual cockpit and I have tried the view button and left / right toggles to get rid of it and have managed to change the displays but that annoying fuel range display is always there somewhere! I don't want to see it mainly because it does down so rapidly in annoying 5 mile stages and if you are driving eagerly it can go down 20 miles when you have only done about 5! A depressing display that I can do without.

Can anyone help?! [:(!]


Staff member
i wish i had that on my car. but on mine it is there only as a selection.

i wont be able to help you with that part if your question but i do know that you can calibrate it to more of an accurate amount. i did it for my analog display and im spot on. so when i says 5 miles left it really is it. i wont be guessing anymore.