What did you do to your Audi S3 today?


Share what you did today with the Audi S3 community!

  • Example: I washed and waxed my car today.
  • Example: I ordered some new parts for my Audi S3.
  • Example: I tinted the windows on my car.
Purchased some wax and polish, plan to detail the S3 this weekend.
I just did an oil/filter and tire rotation -well actually I did it on the 9th.
Drove the heck out of this on the way to work this morning.[driving]
My car has 20K on it now. I do an oil/filter every 5K - cheap insurance.
Yeah; but that was why I bought it. I enjoy driving it and if I have to commute, I want to enjoy it.
My car has 20K on it now. I do an oil/filter every 5K - cheap insurance.
For some reason I read your post wrong and I thought you said you are on your ninth oil change lol. I'm at 18k and on my third oil change.


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I installed APR Stage 1 high torque ECU and TCU upgrades, wohoo!!


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So far I am loving the changes. TCU: The shifts are smooth and fast up and much earlier downshift points. The TCU upgrade is critical as it allows the transmission to match with the APR map. I think the pair is a must and should be considered mandatory. ECU: This is a great motor and APR makes it better in every way. Power is delivered quicker and with greater force, especially when the throttle is over 50% down. The engine winds up fast and triple digit speeds are there in a flash. Passing power will suck you into your sport seats!

If you like your S3 but want to see what 357HP and 366TQ feels like, I recommend it.
What kind of wax do you use? I just got my S3, I'm washing using Optimum No Rinse, and looking for a good wax
mine is sitting at dealership waiting for a new mechatronic unit to come in. My car is 2018 with 5k on the odometer. Car is bone stock. It is my daily commuter.