Wiper Blade Skipping - Front windshield being Replaced

A few months ago I posted that Audi had a TSB to polish the front windshield to correct a skipping wiper blade. Audi even put new blades on. Well today is my 5000 mile checkup and they are replacing the entire front windshield. I sent a dozen emails with attached video of it actually malfunctioning in the rain to get to this point. According to some expert that has seen this before it's the windshield.

I hope this fixes it.

I'll let everyone know how this turns out. If my memory serves me someone in California was also having this issue.
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Wow thats crazy, yes please us updated.
UPDATE: Yes! My windshield wipers are working flawlessly now. We have had an above average amount of rain so far this year and having noisy wipers that skip and flop around on the windshield can definetly ruin the driving experience that I paid good money to enjoy. I've only been able to test in light rain but they seem to be performing as they should.

I can't help but think there are others with this problem. If you live in a dry climate you might not ever know as they didn't malfunction using the washer fluid. Here is my VIN minus the final six digits in case there was a batch of bad windshields produced:

I hope mine was a one off issue but if you are having wiper issues, especially on the driverside - I recommend having Audi replace the windshield while it's under warranty.
Interesting, did they show you which area needed to be polished?
No, but the driver side wiper wasn't making contact on the lower and upper end by about 4" each and then after a few minutes of use it would start skipping and making a irritatingly loud squeaky sound.