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wish they made this for our cars! oil changing tool


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i came across this little oil drain plug made for a ford f150 but it looks so similar to our plug style.
just sharing this little interesting tool.

i think its a really interesting design and i thought i would share it here.
*this tool does not work on our cars and they dont make one. but if there is demand i would think they might. thats a really wishful thinking tho.
maybe if you all call them asking for them to make us one that might work because they do make other model cars as well but i found that the f150 is the most similar to our cars and makes a good demo for our plug design.

the company that makes it is called Ronin Factory.
Ronin Factory Easy Oil drain plug
the unit is the "easy oil drain". the one i saw is for the ford f150 but it solves their issue as they also have a similar plug design as our cars.

here is a photo of our genuine plug.

here is the Ronin Factory plug for the ford.

as a DIY'er i think this is a very good design and very helpful with oil changes.

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