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2016 Audi S3 10K-15K Mile Vacation: Volume 2

Update 2 of S3 road trip: Although some nice person decided to leave a dirty bikini under my windshield wiper, it worked out as a fun surprise to walk up to this morning when I walked out to my car. Now I have to clean the entire front of my car from wet sand and all sorts of debris. I did manage to get black spray paint from a Home Depot within the western outskirts of Virginia Beach, and I did smoke the tail lights of the car, and now for the most part it has the appearance of an entirely black car, except for the sand that I still need to clean off of my windshield wiper and hood. The only downside is that there appears to be no actual gas station in that area of the city, which sucks because if you have a low tank and your car all of a sudden stalls then you'd have nowhere to fill up your tank.

Other than that today has been sorta funny in a way not really.

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