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2016 Audi S3 10K-15K Mile Vacation: Volume 4

Now that the smoked tail lights are done and that dirty bikini was thrown out, I did manage to get a bucket from the place where my car is parked, which is at a restaurant south of the place I'm at, along with 3 of my family members, including my 18 year old cousin, who changed his last name last April and drives a 2012 Ford Taurus SHO. I also managed to get a napkin to clean off my wiper and the bottom half of the windshield. Wet sand is practically very easy to see on a black car like mine. Being that we're leaving tomorrow, we're slowly packing our stuff up and getting ready to leave. I did manage to find a nearby Shell station using the MMI navigation and touch thing on the control wheel. I'm going to head over there sometime tonight and not drive around with a bikini on my car.

So far, this trip has been very unpredictable, with me and my family members going out into the Atlantic with our clothes on and with our pants rolled up, but about half an hour later a lifeguard caught us and sent us out of the beach. None of our phones are waterproof, but they have water resistant cases on them, even though all the phones we have are iPhones, which we love. There was no damage done fortunately. If anybody plays Garry's Mod, which you can buy off Steam, if you drive one of the cars that have wheels and ride on roads, the engine turns off because I noticed when I drove in water the tachometer needle drops to 0 rpm.

This is the end of Volume 4 and the concluding volume will be Volume 5.

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