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2016 Audi S3 Road Trip Updates

United States
What I Drive
2016 Audi S3 Prestige
S3 Road Trip Update 4/8: While driving down Route 32 in Comfort mode (one way), 34.1 MPG average. In Clarksville, refuel, reset trip computer, change to Dynamic mode, go down Route 32 down to Annapolis (one way), 27.6 MPG average.

The S3 handled pretty well, especially with three people and a trunk full of stuff. When we got to a gas station, coincidentally, I saw an A3 1.8L and the owner of it could not even tell it was an S3. We (my dad, my cousin and I) are going to stay in a hotel in Annapolis for the next two days, and probably eat seafood and eat a birthday cake along with crab. Next update coming either tomorrow and/or April 10.

S3 Road Trip Update 4/9: Even though I am posting this a day late, here is the update for yesterday. I stayed at the hotel with my dad and cousin the entire day. We ate some seafood at the diner there, it was good for the first time. And being that it was my birthday, room service surprised us with a cake, but at the top of it was a crab. And I got an email from the S3 Forum wishing me a happy birthday. The S3 did not go anywhere on that day.

S3 Road Trip Update 4/10: This was the final day of the road trip, so why not make the best of it. Once my dad, my cousin and I checked out of the hotel and left, we went to several locations in Annapolis, such as the Navy Marine Corps National Stadium, which was AWESOME! We also went to some amazing car dealerships (Jaguar Land Rover, Infiniti, Lexus and BMW (at BMW, I sat in the new 7 Series)). I filled up at High's (reset the trip computer as well), and saw a Volvo C30 Polestar Edition, that guy had the 70th one sold out of 250 units (the C30 was phased out in 2013 due to slow sales). We also went to some park near the bay bridge.

Enough about what I did. Fuel economy for the S3: in dynamic mode, it averaged 29.4, which was better than when we were going to Annapolis. In comfort mode, 30.2, worse than what I got going to Annapolis. In my position, I will have to say the S3 is a good road trip vehicle. If you include my cousin's 2016 Camaro 2SS, not so much of a road trip vehicle, but it is fun to drive (the Camaro has a really cramped back seat and has the worst trunk in history), and gets horrible fuel economy. My dad's 2015 Q50 Premium non hybrid seems to be a good road trip too (in June we will be taking his vehicle on a road trip down to the Gaylord National Resort for HIS birthday). Summary: S3 gets good fuel economy on road trip, the trunk is full of luggage but still manages to fit it all in a twelve cubic foot trunk.

Headroom is good for many, it has a nice interior, plenty of support in the seats, which you don't find in the Mercedes CLA, or as Siri calls it the "Kla", which does not have headroom, support in the seats or a nice interior. I know the CLA45 has a lot more power than the S3 (292 compared to 375 (the 2017 S3 has 305 now)).


This is the end of my road trip updates for the first road trip taken in my 2016 Audi S3 on my birthday (which was yesterday 4/9).

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