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Haldex issues, who has them and what are they?


New member
So notice my 15 s3 traction starting to degrade a little. Never did a launch in the 30k miles I owned the car figured WTH. Front wheels spinning like mad when wet out, I get like a 2 second burnout on dry pavement.

I am stage 2 ECU / stage 1 TCU

I replaced the Haldex pump - Changed nothing
I replaced the Haldex Controller with the latest revision - Changed nothing
Replaced the rear diff with a used 19K mileage diff - Did nothing

When I did my haldex fluid change, I noticed brass filings in the original diff, =hence changing out to the used one.

Change the DSG fluid and keep regular maintenance on the car.

Over on Vortex and Audizine there are plenty of Haldex failure threads.

Can go back to dealer way tooo much to change and the revised rear diff from audi is $3K!
I haven't had any issues on mine, but I've seen those threads over on VWVortex too.

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