How many types of tunes are there and how many types of exhaust brands are there

I'm trying to get into something but have no idea where to start and don't see any videos on my 2018 s3 Or Audi s3 8v,


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there are a few out there. depends on what sound your looking for.

as for fitment the cars are the same from 2015+, so far. just look for any of those years for a video. i have seen a few of them already.
On previous cars I had went custom remap based on the car there and then, however I?ve opted for the bigger brand this time. I?ve the 8V S3 now, I?m going for APR very soon. They won me over with their analytical approach to be honest.

Also I?m always milltek for tone, any catback I?ve had has always been a milltek. I currently have the milltek race catback, non res, non valved and it sounds fantastic.

Previously I?ve went with a scorpion down pipe and based on my experience, when I get to that stage I will do the same again. The mixture works well between scorpion and milltek, and tone is just beautiful in my opinion.

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