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i raced a bmw M5


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so I recently got my defective turbo replaced ubder warranty.

my story can be veiwed on another thread so I wont repeat it here.

so the other day I raced an older bmw M5 and I was able to hang with it for a bit. now that was fun. he was a manual trans and he kept chirping trying to over take me. there was some traffic so I didnt pursue the run for long as it would have been dangerous, but he was still going even after I let up. he looked like he was angry tht he didnt kill the very short race. it was funny but once he swerved just to show off how much power the m5 had, it got dangerous even when I was out of the picture and was in the back of the traffic. but it was great running a powerful m5 and I know he would have beaten me with a longer run but I had thought it would have been an instant kill right off with such a huge difference in power he had. i guess the slow and steady (awd) can still hang with the powerful and direct (rwd) for the first few secs.
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I can say, the S3 has some balls although it’s just the same engine as the Golf R Volkswagen. When I did the APR Stage 1 upgrade with the straight pipe to my 2018 S3, it was a complete different car. Not to mention, when I pulled up next to a Hellcat, we took him by half a car length as he spun the tires as I kept going. 😝 The M5 is so much heavier and not a DCT transmission. Once you tune the transmission if you have plans too with the ÉCU mod, your car is night and day and keep in mind a lighter car eating M3’s/ M5’s all day! LMAO!

Just for laughs:

It costs $10K USD to mod a BMW’s ÉCU for an additional 200-300 HP on an M3 - M5. Not all wheel drive and not worth the money, I’m not interested.
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