S3 red brake calipers

Hey Guys:

Does anyone know if you can get the red brake calipers after the fact for your S3? This is the only option I really wanted with my Sepang and would love to know if these calipers can be purchased/installed post delivery?

Anyone know?

They are factory Audi parts so they are available through your Audi parts department. You might try to find a set through a salvage yard from a wrecked S3 with red calipers. Probably a lot cheaper. Or, just have your calipers professionally painted. I think they were a $400 option when I ordered my car. Just enough red to pick up the S3 emblems.


I saw a silver one recently with the red calipers and it really does look much better in red.
The S3 has the red calipers as an option I noticed when I was configuring mine online before I bought it. I didn't get it though. The Daytona Package S3 has them, but there are only 350 Daytona Package S3s, so they're going to be pretty rare.
i just ordered the G2 epoxy paint system for calipers. I have seen a few images of calipers partially painted which i think adds a subtle touch to the overall aesthetic. Maybe even better than the all red dealer option. Will paint this weekend and post pics. For now this is the photo that inspired me: