Best $13 mod I ever bought - 3rd brake light overlay - Thumbs up!!!

Hey everyone. I put a post last week regarding removal of the 3rd brake light on the newer A3/S3's and a few guys got me working on it and I completed the job. I bought the decal off a guy on ebay and put it on today and took a few pics.

Take a look.
What do you think?

Audi Forum 3.jpg Audi Forum 4.jpg Audi Forum 2.jpg Audi Forum 1.jpg
I promise 100% tonight or I'll jump off a bridge... I keep forgetting.
Night photos

As promised. I also tried to get some from further away and the pics were blurry but the brake light is crystal clear. I have an iphone 6s and it has a great camera.... but this is what I got. Love it!!!

2016-10-01 19.13.58.jpg 2016-10-01 19.14.28.jpg 2016-10-01 19.15.07.jpg
I sent my pics to the seller. He asked me to take a bunch of others for other cars so he can use them so I did.
If anyone wants this you can contact him direct at or ebay item number 282198101880
I took some pics with Audi, Audi A3, Audi S3, Quattro and S Line - So I'm sure they are all available if you don't like the one I stuck with.
Awesome work! Thanks for the night photos. You mentioned you took other pics.. any of them just with the Audi rings by chance? I'm curious how it would look.
I didn't put that one on. I showed him how the rings went to ovals and it didn't look right.
He does custom ones too if you don't like the standard logos that are already on the back of our cars.