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Launch control + best tryes to use


New member
Hi iv just purchased an s3 67 plate15k miles last week just got a few questions if someone could help would be appreciated.

Firstly how many times would you recommend on using the launch control? Do audi give any advice on how much you can use it and does it damage the car in any way if you over use it?last thing i want is the clutch going an audi voiding warrantly because iv used to lauch control abit.

Secondly what tryes are best thinkin about gettin a fresh set soon?



Staff member
currently tires that i think are great are the michelin pilot sport 4s. it hits the sweet spot for performance, price, and daily driving. of course if your looking not for an all around tire like this one there are way more aggressive tires above this one. if your not familiar with whats available out there, just take a look at these first and use this as a middle reference point to either go higher level or lower level tires as this seems like its a good middle ground.

here is my answer to launch control with this video. i hope it helps out.

... or not! .....probably not.