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Haldex Controller


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What I Drive
2015 Audi S3
I just bought a 2015 S3 (it arrives next week) after trying to find something to replace my Evo X MR, a car I absolutely love. I looked hard at an STi (I had a 2004 STi but bought the Evo because of the SST transmission and the torque vectoring rear diff). I tracked both my Evo and STi about 10 times annually. I particularly like driving at the track in the rain. That is where these cars really shine. The Cobb Access Port adds 50hp to the Evo for $600 so that is a no brainer. Other than that my Evo was stock.

My biggest concern with the S3 is the awd system. I was very hesitant to buy the car because of the Haldex AWD and the open diffs with brake based lsd simulation. As an engineer I really cringe when I see how the Germans are all cheaping out with their awd systems but I guess I'll see when I drive it.

One of the reasons I bought the car is that a friend of mine said I could buy a Haldex controller. I see there are a number of controllers for the Golf but I haven't seen one for the S3. Can anyone suggest where I can go to buy a controller?

Also for those with experience at the track how does the S3 perform? Especially in the rain, can you feel the brake based systems? Do they upset the balance? I'm thinking it may not be that bad in decreasing radius turns but what about increasing radius turns? On corner exit can you feel the brakes cutting in when you want to be on full power?

For those that live in snow country like I do living next to the Rocky Mountains up here in Canada, can you dial in a proper rally car drift? The rally type cars are fabulous in the snow due to the balance their awd systems give you. How does the S3 do in the snow? Can you alter its attitude easily when you are sideways or does it fight you?

Anyway if anyone out there can provide some feedback I would really appreciate it.



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United States
I've read that United Motorsports is working on the Haldex tune. Haven't had a chance to take my S3 to the tracks yet, but even hard driving in the rain the car handles superbly.