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Just bought a 2014 S3, after a Mk7 Golf R. Same Problems?


New member
United Kingdom
What I Drive
2014 S3 Sportback STronic
Hi Guys,
I have just bought a 2014 Audi S3 Sportback S Tronic. It’s approved used with 59k on the clock, in Monsoon Grey with a few options like Comfort Pack, Diamond Cut 18”s, Adaptive Cruise, 3D Piano Black inlays, Non Smoking pack and the Grey Band on the windscreen. I am coming from a 2015 manual Golf R, which I only bought back in January however it turned out to be a lemon, was a great spec with Pan Roof, Leather and 19”s but was a Manual and it appears VW lost the plot on how to make a manual gearbox on the Mk7’s! The S3 has a 2 year Audi Warranty so I am hoping this one works out. Just wondering how the S3 compares to the Golf in regards to the common issues like the Coolant Leaks, Turbo Failures, Haldex Problems etc. Anything to look out for with the S Tronic? Should I be careful as it’s a 2014 Turbo (supposedly the ones with issues?) as I would like to stage 1 it after the warranty expires.
Thanks for any pointers/ advice!