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Hey guys - Issue with my 2014 S3 - Loud vibration when slowing down :(


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United Kingdom
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2014 Audi S3
hey guys

I am wondering if anybody can advise me on the issue i am having with my S3.

As i brake i hear a loud vibration coming from the front of the car. The higher the speed the louder the noise. Really bad when coming off a motorway/highway and slowing down say from 70mph all the way down to 0mph. The noise it at its worse when the car has reduced half the speed traveling eg. braking from 70, the noise is at its highest between 30-40mph then reduces loudness with the noise completely gone as i come to a stop.

its like a loud vibration shaking noise but not much feedback comes through the steering wheel.

heres where the fun started :(

changed all 4 tyres to brand new continentals. 18". wheel balancing also

changed both driver and passenger bearings... had tracking done -- still issue occurring

changed all 4 discs and pads -- still having issue

easily over ?1000 in costs and i am still having the same issue.

Taken the car to audi under warranty. Basically hitting me with a technicality of with them not carrying out the work it could still be the disc problem. which is classed as wear and tear.
(could of been dust behind the discs when mechanic fitted my new ones etc etc)
took the car for a drive with the technician at audi. when returning , after establishing the problem to him, he noticed 'spotting' on the front 2 discs.
apparently where the disc becomes most hot from the friction or contact with the brake pad.

the car has only done 33000 miles and i changed the discs already because of this fault but no success with the fault still occuring.

they told me unless i get the work carried out AGAIN, but with Audi, and then the problem still exists , then they will look further into what the issue could be.
(under warranty)
That is a lot of money just to see if a fault will still occur.

Anyway i was wondering if any of you guys have come across the same problem ?

also the brake pedal does not kick my foot back


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United States
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2016 Audi S3
Hello My Friend. The last time I had something similar going on like your description.
It was my tires.
They had developed a cupping pattern on the inside shoulder of the tires, due to bad struts and front end alignment.

Also check the tires for thread separation. that too can cause such an issue.