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quality tool chat/review/prices/sales/new upcoming/special tools


Staff Team
United States
What I Drive
2015 s3
hey guys, i thought i we would talk about tools that you have and would recommend or not. give us your review of what, why, you gave that review.

lets just keep it on high-quality tools. since there are so many super cheap tools, i would like it keep it on the higher quality branded tools as these have a higher price that could be more of a mistake if its not a good tool. quality tools also doesn't have to be expensive. sometimes they are on sale. i personally have started my makita tool sets and crafts man with a few snapon specialized tools. i think craftsman is my lowest end tools but with the lifetime, it puts it up there with premium. this is really my only caveat.

specialized tools are also good to review. i have some unknown branded tools that does some helpful functions.

right now i am considered a cordless racthet but im not sure who is best for longevity, quality, warranty, power output (true output).
the brands i am looking at is makita, Milwaukee, snapon, and im open to others.

im considering the makita because i already have their battery system and experience with the brand. its decent brand. none of the electric tools have broken down on me yet. so that says alot.
i do like the Milwaukee cause the different sizes and more options and such. but no i have to get a new battery system and its a relatively new brand to me.

i don't know of any other tools at this point but i am still taking my time looking around.