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update on tune maping DSG and ECU interesting finding after


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United States
What I Drive
2015 s3
so as you all know i have the cobb tuning system. you can find out more info about it via searches on google and youtube.
i wont be getting into what cobb is here.

what I am going to talk about is idea on matching ecu maps and dsg maps. the question that I have found is, do we need to match ecu and dsg tuned maps with the same companies.

such as apr/cobb/eqt... etc.... they all make their own ecu and dsg maps. can we mismatch? can we do a combo from different companies?

i will say after some testing and experimenting (I am just an end user like you all are) it does run. with that said, we need to ask is it optimal?
meaning does it live up to its potential when mismatched companies are used in the car? i will now say, no!

here is what I did.
i mismatched a protuned ecu map with a dsg map. it sure ran fine. no hiccups that I could feel or notice. but when I matched up the same company maps, the car ran very differently. its dsg shift points matched the ecu tq and hp curve much much better. it felt like I had more power and acceleration was much more pronounced. it didn't seem as lazy as before. mind you I had a protune (multiple created just for my car actually) to maximize my individual cars mods, and it seem lazy. but when I got the matching ots maps installed it all ran better.

ill try to do more testing on different maps and see but for now, I will say because of cobb I can do all this with less costs since I didn't have to go to a shop to swap maps. downloading maps are also cheaper since its just the maps and you doing all the installing.
plus cobb has saved me from being stuck on the road a few times. that's a different event ill post up later.