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S3 review

Luke H.

New member
Hi all,

After the first 500 kms. in my new S3 (my third AUDI), these are some things I noticed. If you care to post a comment, please do!

- the adaptive suspension in comfort mode is a let down. It's still quite firm on uneven roads
- the rev counter goes to the red zone in a particular gear after a kick down. There is definitely a noticeable lag
- luckily no squeaks or rattles in the cabin (like some others mentioned)
- the up shifts are really smooth and instantaneous when you drive off
- it really pulls when you put your foot down on the accelerator in S-mode from a stand still (even without the launch mode). It feels solid in a straight line.
- sometimes the electronics go a bit haywire: certain functions (i.e. stability control) or modes are switched on/off for no apparent reason
- D-mode is excellent for cruising. The efficiency mode is very tame.
- the brakes require a gentle approach, they grip immediately (especially when reversing)
- love the B&O sound system, the SD card in the CD player with my personal music collection works great. Even YouTube fragments sound great with ample bass and noise cancelling
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Staff member
I agree with you on the comfort mode. Which is why I ran 18's for a while now I went up a size to 245/35/19's much better ride. It's still stiff but not as harsh as the 235/35/19's. They fit quite nice with no rubbing on stock offsets.

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